1.5L Pinnacle Cold Brew Concentrate

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Carefully crafted by our good friends at Pinnacle Beverages using our blend of Guatemalan beans and Pinnacles active extraction brewing process, this concentrate is the perfect mixer. Simply Add water, milk, alternative milks, or make the perfect espresso martini (holds foam for hours) – just about any coffee based concoction you can think of including ice-cream and baking. The list is endless.

The compact size means its perfect for travels, MTB riding, Gym pre-workouts, camping, hiking, beach hangs, parties, or just the time poor morning person (like you and me) and it even fits neatly in the door of your fridge.

It's coffee in an instant, NOT instant coffee... made cold to be served cold, can also be made hot. Tastes great either way. 

5 ways to use a goon bag:

1 - Use it as a Pillow 

2 - Goon of Fortune

3 - Fashion accessory

4 - Just drink it

5 - make new friends

A fresh, all natural product containing no additives or preservatives. 

Ingredients: Triple filtered water / Arabica coffee (contains caffeine)

On arrival, pop it in the fridge and shake well before serving (natural settling may occur)

Shelf-life (refrigerated) 12 weeks unopened / 6 weeks once opened 

Serves: 30 x 50ml shots