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Single Origin Filter

Panama Hartman Estate - filter

Panama Hartman Estate - filter

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Variety: Caturra

Process: Black Winey      

Roast: Filter

Notes: Sweet Cherries | Brown Sugar | Dried Raisins | Boozy Red Fruit

This Black Winey from Hartman Estate in Panama is fruit-driven and juicy-bodied with a delicious, well-rounded acidity. After harvest the cherry is pulped. Coffee and mucilage is moved to raised drying beds. For the Black Winey process, the cherry is picked when the cherry is darker and riper than is typically picked. Cherry is placed on African raised beds, visually inspected to remove any damaged or over-under ripe cherries and then laid in thin layers on the raised beds. Raised beds allow for better airflow throughout drying that helps prevent over-ripening, fermenting or spoiling.

Though small in coffee production, Panama is a mighty player in coffee quality. In particular, Panama is famous for producing Geisha variety of lots that have fetched prices exceeding $800 per pound. Today, its renown as a producer of rare and sought-after varieties. This positions Panama as a contender for a new kind of ‘coffee-tourism’ that has the potential to change the way we produce, purchase, consume and talk about specialty coffee on a global scale.

This coffee is exceptional as a filter and really shows you the true quality of the cup.

*all coffee delivered as whole bean unless specified*

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