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Single Origin Filter

Colombia El Jardin Tabi - Omni

Colombia El Jardin Tabi - Omni

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Variety: hybrid - Bourbon, Typica and Timor

Process: Natural

Roast: Omni espresso/filter    

Notes: Banana | Caramelised Miso | Muscate Grape | Fig

Planadas, situated in the productive Tolima region of Colombia, is nestled between the Cordillera Central mountain range and the Magdalena River. The region is blessed with high elevation and favourable temperatures, providing ideal conditions for coffee farms to thrive. The area’s plentiful water access from the tributaries of the Magdalena River further bolsters the region’s growing reputation as a premier coffee-producing area.

Jorge is a local coffee farmer who was born and raised in Planadas. With four siblings, he dedicated his early years to helping his family run their small farm. Since 2014 he has been working together with ASOPEP, an ecological association from the region, and has been educating himself to improve the quality of his product. He eventually bought out his siblings’ farms and started to produce high quality coffee in Finca El Jardín, which he has been selling through the association at better prices.

The Tabi variety is the result of Colombia’s efforts to combat leaf rust. It is a hybrid of Bourbon, Typica and Timor varieties, chosen for their resistance to disease and desirable cup qualities.

For this lot, the coffee cherries are carefully hand-picked and fermented for 60 hours in closed plastic tanks at temperatures of 22 - 23 Co, then dried in the sun on raised coffee trays (paseras) for 25 days.

Jorge has gained wide experience processing coffee in the region, and he even trains other producers. He is highly respected for his outstanding quality - a testament to his success, as he was placed first in regional coffee competitions from 2017 to 2020

*all coffee is delivered as whole bean unless specified otherwise*

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