Colombia Don German

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Variety: Dos Mill & Castillo

Process: 16 hour fermentation process, washed & sun dried   

SCA Score: 86-86  

Roast: Omni (the perfect balance between espresso & filter)

Flavour Profile: Caramel, Cherry, Mandarine, Smooth finish

Don German is a cherished farmer by our export partner, Campesino, based in Jerico, Antioquia. He, alongside his wife and two daughters, consistently produces clean cups with a profile that is sweet and dynamic. At an altitude of 2,000 MASL, the microclimate at La Palma provides warm days and cool evenings that encourage the production of sugars in the coffee cherries. The 5 hectare farm is located in Jerico, a small town with strong ties to Catholicism, home to Colombia’s only canonised saint, Madre Laura, and a rich tradition of producing coffee. Don German specializes in processing washed coffees and we’re glad that we get to share his coffees with you.

*all coffee delivered as whole bean unless specified*