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Tiamo Tapered Milk Jug

Tiamo Tapered Milk Jug

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Tiamo Tapered Milk Jug

The tapered angle and rounded spout makes for top pouring control. These pastel range of the Cafe Tiamo milk jug pitchers have been seen more and more widely used in barista and latte art competitions

Milk Jug Specifications

In the industry we use these guides as the basic sizes that barista coffee milk jugs / milk pitchers come in eg. 350ml / 600ml / 900ml etc, in most cases they won’t fill to these exact volumes they are just indicators for comparing jug sizes. We have measured all jugs and complied approximate jug size based on water and milk, with recommended milk maximum fills generally to the base of the pour spout.

  • Pre-Steaming Milk Fill to base of spout - 180ml Approx.
  • Milk Maximum Capacity at full jug - 350ml Approx.
  • Water Maximum Capacity at full jug - 345ml Approx.


  • Non Stick Coating
  • Heavy Professional Feel
  • Professional Spout
  • Smooth Rounded Handle
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