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Cubbyhouse Coffee

Specialty Capsules

Specialty Capsules

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Made for mornings... this crowd pleaser is a blend of coffee's from Brazil and Colombia, roasted and blended in house specifically for use in pod machines so nobody needs to miss out on a great tasting brew. 

Our Nespresso® compatible specialty coffee pods are made using as much of this  tasty blend as we could cram into a biocapsule. They are then blasted with an oxygen barrier making for no extra packaging and a longer shelf life of 18 months. 

They are Co2 neutral, compostable, sustainable, environmentally friendly & contain no aluminium what so ever.

Blend: 50% Brazil & 50% Colombia

Flavour Profile: Full bodied and smooth with notes of roasted hazelnuts upfront and a lingering aftertaste of dark chocolate. Roasted slightly darker to enhance its thick, rich sweetness and low acidity helping it cut through milk to deliver that aroma you look forward to first thing in the morning.  

Enjoy as espresso or equally stunning in Milk. 


Dose: 1 capsule || Yield: 40g || Shot: Espresso

Like it stronger in milk? use 2 capsules for a double shot latte. 

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