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Single Origin Filter

Ethiopia Guji G1 - filter

Ethiopia Guji G1 - filter

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Variety: Heirloom

Process: Natural

Roast: Filter    

Notes of Cocoa, Blackberry, lemon syrup and fruit pudding. 

Until recently Guji coffees were considered a part of Sidamo, but the perception is rapidly changing thanks to the process of vertical integration. This allows local
companies to ship coffee directly from their washing stations without mixing with the coffee from other areas. This separation allowed the coffee professionals to appreciate and value the particular characteristics of this coffee, something the Oromo people are especially proud of.

Nearly 400 growers delivered their top-quality cherries at the Dekitu Station, in Gute Sede that is managed by Anteneh Gebeyehu - an agronomist that has been working with G and F Coffee Company for more than 6 years. One of the farms that contributed to this lot belongs to Gizaw Alemayehu and his wife Frehiwot. The Alemayehu family has been in the coffee business for over 45 years. Gizaw’s father, who was a coffee grower, moved into the coffee processing and supply business when the socialist government of the time nationalised his farm. Mr Alemayehu’s children also entered the family business and supplied coffee beans, including cherries from their farms to exporters. To sustain the increased yield on their farm, the family vertically integrated G and F Coffee Company.

Gizaw looks after the sourcing and manages the washing stations, while his wife looks after the shipping side of things. Thus the Alemayehu family produces, processes, grades and bag coffees. They work with farmer groups of the region and coach them on the production of special natural coffees through guided instructions and supervision. In turn, the farmers receive a higher price for their coffees. The G and F Company has built a school on one of their sites so the children of farmers
can receive an education. The company also provides school supplies as needed.

*all coffee is delivered as whole bean unless specified otherwise*

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